Dylan McNulty-Holmes


I’m Dylan McNulty-Holmes (he/they), a writer and editor from the West Midlands of the UK, currently based in Berlin. My writing has been made into a T-shirt, live-scored by a disco band, and added to the permanent digital archive of the British Library. It has also appeared in over 20 journals and zines, won the inaugural Zara Malone Memorial Prize, and been shortlisted for a New Media Writing Prize. A selected bibliography of my recent works can be found here.

My current obsessions include exploring how to represent facets of trans identity in art, our complex relationships to pleasure, and using code/digital spaces to open up new possibilities for poetry.

I have been a freelance copywriter, editor and content strategist since 2018, with a focus on arts, non-profits, and tech. Teams I have worked with include DADDY Magazine, Gestalten, Doodle, aequa Community Collective, Women in Exile e.V., and the AI Guild. As part of my work as an editor, I have also overseen branded content campaigns for clients including Netflix, BMW, and IBM. A range of my clippings can be found here.

I have performed my work extensively at events across Berlin, including Literally Speaking, Fiction Canteen, Queer Stories, and UNIT Festival. My writing and performance has also been featured in exhibitions by LAGE:EGAL and Mindscape Universe. I was a founding member of the interdisciplinary arts collective THICK SKIN; from 2014 to 2017, we hosted weekly workshops and bi-monthly performances where writers would collaborate with artists to create new works, and sell limited edition hand-bound zines of the resulting texts. I have also co-facilitated workshops for Smut Lab, a queer erotic workshop for writers and perverts.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading tarot, eating an ungodly amount of pastries, and teaching myself to code (why yes, I did build this website). If you’d like to get in touch, please do say hi.

Dylan McNulty-Holmes