Dylan McNulty-Holmes

Survivalism for Hedonists

Survivalism for Hedonists is a collection of poetic experiments, using digital randomization and cut-up techniques to explore how exploding language might move us closer to representing cataclysmic life events—and how we survive them.

“Dylan McNulty-Holmes has a great flair for the intimate, the ribald and the immediately arresting. Observant, sensuous and layered, his words reveal an original mind at work.” —Leon Craig, author of Parallel Hells

“These poems vibrate with unruly bodies, quiet furies, and queer & trans desires. The result is both a tender homage to his own lineage as an artist and a radical vision of a future imbued with hope.” —Jane Flett, author of Mashnotes

“Lyrically prismatic poems that are tenderhearted, fierce, vulnerable, and exposed.” —Sara Larsen, author of Detonated Mirror

“Even in moments of melancholy, Survivalism for Hedonists is romantic as romantic can be, drawing on radiant colors to produce emotionally tangible scenes in every piece.” —nat raum, author of preparatory school for the end of the world


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Survivalism for Hedonists